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About Us

Top Ledger allows web3 growth, analytics & data science teams to create powerful dashboards from decoded Solana program data. Access deeper and actionable insights from alternative data sources like Twitter, Telegram & Discord. And finally, connect private data sources securely into the Top Ledger platform in order to combine it with the on-chain Solana program data. Thus, enabling an end-to-end blockchain analytics ecosystem.
Answer complex questions like:
How many NFTs have more than 2 creators?
Top metadata storage services NFT creators are using?
Volume of SOL moving through a DEX aggregator?

Our Technical Infrastructure

Coming soon

Blazingly Fast Queries

Our backend infra pulls in raw data from the Solana blockchain and labels and indexes them into different tables on a daily basis, which can be queried easily.
We decode the Solana program data and segregate it program wise so that you focus on generating deeper insights. We do it by going into each program’s rust codebase and mapping every function and its arguments.
Finally create meaningful graphs, powerful dashboards and present it as you like.
Sample query to calculate Daily Active Users

Top Ledger Supports Trino SQL Syntax

Trino is a ludicrously fast distributed SQL query engine that helps you explore your data universe.
Visit for more info!
Here is a great presentation on how to write advance SQL queries in Presto.
Also, a detailed documentation about the syntax and methods is available here.
Don't worry we have provided enough sample queries for you to get accustomed to it quickly and easily.

Visualization Suite

See the big, easy to digest picture for in-depth understanding and data driven decision making. Use our visualization suite to present any metric in a clear and precise way.
Transform complex tables into meaningful and beautiful charts as shown below:
Sample table showing daily NFT txns on top NFT marketplaces on Solana.
Above NFT txns table converted into a meaningful chart.
The bar chart visualization makes it clear that April 19th had the highest transfer volume, and helps the audience see the trend over time.
We offer a ton of visualizations to cater to all major analytics needs. Plus a lot more:
  • Zoom In & Zoom Out any visualization with ease.
  • Refresh your dashboards at your will or schedule the refresh.
  • One click share widgets or dashboards with your internal team or with your community.

Powerful Dashboards

A picture is worth a thousand words & a dashboard is worth a million data points. Great stories are the perfect blend of data, visuals and content. This is where dashboards come into play. Data visualizations you create by writing queries, can be placed together to connect the dots and build a meaningful story to present in front of stakeholders, customers, investors, etc.
As an example, in the dashboard below, the first chart depicts the number of daily active users on top NFT marketplaces on Solana. Second one is giving a different perspective by showing variation of percentage share of DAUs over one month for these NFT marketplaces. Overall the audience is getting a bird eye view of the NFT ecosystem on the Solana blockchain.
Sample dashboard for Solana NFT marketplaces.
A beautiful dashboard like above, once created can be published and shared with anyone at a click of a button.
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